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About Me

My name is Emily Eddy and this is my Photography Business. I am just starting out and am so excited to share my work with everyone! I first found my love for photography when I was just a junior in high school in my yearbook class. In yearbook, I found capturing memorable moments of my fellow students so thrilling and knowing I could keep these photos as a reminder of this time was so captivating for me.

Figuring out that Photography is a way to capture life's beautiful moments and knowing that I could make it into a career and do the same thing for other people is such a rewarding feeling. To do what makes you happy all day and to make someone else happy by what you share with them, makes it even better. Today I have been doing Photography for about eight years and look forward to many more years and capturing even more timeless moments!

Contact Me

Waterford | Clarkston,  Michigan


Facebook: @britesidephotography


Instagram: @britesidephotography

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